Private duty nurses needed.


Private duty nurses needed.

We are currently looking for a professional private duty nurse. Some of the roles a private duty nurse performs include: changing bandages, helping the patient with feeding, caring for the wellbeing of the patient, handling the record of the patient’s situation and progress, amongst others.

To be a successful private duty nurse, the patient must be a professional, patient and have excellent knowledge about first aid.


  • Care for the patient’s wellbeing by handling the bathing process or other care needed, if necessary.
  • Interact with the patient on a daily to ascertain his/her condition.
  • Change the dressing/bandages of the patient.
  • Help the patient with some motion exercises.
  • Monitor the patient’s diet.
  • Document the patient’s situation and improvements.
  • Handle preventative measures to avoid bed sores if the patient is bed-ridden.
  • Handle emergency cases if necessary.


  • A degree in nursing or something equivalent is essential.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Patience.
  • Previous work experience in the field is required.
  • Outstanding knowledge of first aid procedures is crucial.


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