Top 16 Companies for Student Internships 2021

Top 16 Companies for Student Internships 2021
Top 16 Companies for Student Internships 2021

Student Internships are just a period of experience in a company for a limited period of time.

Unlike more casual work or volunteer experiences that you might do at school or university, interns typically have a specific job role and tasks to perform, and these roles are usually advertised publicly through a formal application process (as opposed to work experience, which is often organized on a special basis).

Although unpaid internships exist, recent negative media coverage has led to an increasing number of internships that provide salaries or at least expenses – but more on that later.

Companies also often use internships to recruit staff, essentially using them as a probationary period before deciding whether to hire someone for a permanent job.  If you play your cards correctly, there is a chance that an internship may lead to your first job in graduate school.

 What are the benefits of Student Internships

  • Practical experience – You will gain excellent transferred skills that will be useful no matter where you find yourself after the internship
  • Taste of a potential career path – think of your internship as an endless opportunity to try to work in an industry you think you might like, without the obligation to enter into a long-term employment contract
  • Useful connections – You are guaranteed to meet many new people who can be useful when you apply for a job in the future. Maybe you will find someone who will be your mentor, and if you make a good impression, you will be able to get a brilliant link from it
  • Experience for your resume – Although your degree and degree are extremely important, employers like to see that you have hands-on experience in the workplace. Make sure you know how to actually sell it in your resume by talking about the specific projects you’ve worked on and the successes you’ve achieved
  • Confidence in the workplace – use your time in the office to learn how to work and try to treat it as a real job. It will work wonders for your confidence when you enter the world of work.  Read our guide on how to act on your first job to get some of the best tips.

  Online summer Student Internships 2021

As many vacation and study abroad programs have been canceled due to international travel restrictions, virtual summer internships provide an affordable, productive and popular alternative to going abroad.  This is a unique opportunity to get a fresh global perspective, gain international career experience, unleash your inner potential and make the most of the 2021 summer vacation!

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  Online student internships for high school students

•        Intern Abroad HQ

Intern Abroad Headquarters offers a diverse selection of summer online student internships for high school students over the age of 16, which are available year-round.  They provide a great opportunity for students to explore a particular field of study in more detail, learn about a new culture and taste a particular field, while developing vital communication and time management skills.  In turn, this helps high school students develop what they may want to do in college or pursue a career.

•        Online business internship out of Spain

A virtual internship in business administration from Valencia is a great option for high school students who are studying their careers and want to develop transferable skills.

Based on the Global City at Gamma Level, Valencia’s international influence on trade, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science and the arts means that online trainees have access to a wide range of placements in NGOs, startups and private business.


•        Microfinance Online Internship out of Tanzania

A virtual internship in microfinance from Tanzania is well-suited for high school students who want to experience the taste of accounting and entrepreneurship by giving money to communities in Africa.

Online interns are given the opportunity to provide valuable financial services to people with limited funds.  Through training seminars, business planning and administrative tasks, you will help locals to finance their projects, teach their children and more.


•        Creative design and internet marketing practice from Greece

The virtual internship Creative Design & Marketing from Greece is ideal for high school students who have a flair for writing, design and all things creative.  Internet trainees have the opportunity to create content for a respected maritime NGO and are the key to the organization’s success in transmitting their messages.  You will help researchers on key environmental issues to inspire positive change through creative media.


•        Virtual NGO & Social Support Internship out of India

The online support of the NGO Support and Social Development from India is a great opportunity for high school students interested in social work, public relations, fundraising or community initiatives.

Virtual trainees have the opportunity to change people’s lives in India by empowering women, developing communities, building capacity and generating income for vulnerable minority groups.  You will gain a true understanding of Indian culture while learning how NGOs work to support local communities.


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Companies for Student Internships 2021

•        Summer internship at CERN in Switzerland 2021

CERN summer student internships in Switzerland 2021 is open.  All applicants for a bachelor’s or master’s degree can apply for the CERN technical training program.

CERN will select 120 students.  All undergraduate, bachelor’s, master’s and postgraduate students have the right to participate.

For more information: VISIT HERE

•        RIPS Summer Internship

Applications are open for applications for RIPS summer internships in the United States in 2021.  RIPS is a fully funded internship in the United States for talented international students who work in a group of real projects and spend the summer in Los Angeles.

The duration of the REU program is nine weeks.  Imagine spending nine weeks on a good campus.  The student team, with the support of their academic mentor and industry mentor, will research the problem and present their results, both orally and in writing, at the end of the program.

For more information: VISIT HERE

•        Woods Holes Internship in the United States

Apply for a Woods Hole internship in the United States.  Woods Hole Internship in the United States is a fully funded international internship program.  All costs will be covered.  Woods Hole Summer Practice brings together bright talented students from around the world to spend 10-12 weeks.

For more information: VISIT HERE

•        UNICEF 2021 Internship Program

Apply for a fully funded UNICEF 2021 internship program. UNICEF internship opportunities are for students, masters and graduate students.  Start your career at UNICEF. UNICEF operates in more than 190 countries and is a UN agency headquartered in New York.

For more information: VISIT HERE

•        World Bank 2021 Summer Internship Program

Applications are open for the World Bank summer internship 2021. The World Bank internship will take place in the United States at the World Bank headquarters in Washington

Applicants who are postgraduate students or (earning a master’s or doctoral degree) are eligible to apply.  The World Bank accepts applications for the summer term.

For more information: VISIT HERE



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