Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London- 2022/2023 [Updated!!!]

Denys Holland Scholarship
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The Denys Holland Scholarship is a partially funded scholarship for international students.  This scholarship is available for undergraduate studies at University College London.

The Dennis Holland Scholarship is designed to support undergraduate students from any country who, without scholarship support, will not be able to secure the funding needed to study at UCL University, and can demonstrate their intent to make full use of the activities offered by UCL and the University of Students.

About Denys Holland Scholarship Scholarship

The scholarship, proposed in memory of Professor Dennis Holland, is awarded based on financial need, subject to candidates proving their intention to take a full part in the extracurricular activities of UCL and the University of Students.

This scholarship may be awarded alongside other grants, scholarships, awards or scholarships, provided that the total annual funding does not exceed the cost of the commissions plus a reasonable amount for one year of maintenance (as determined by UCL).

The Dennis Holland Scholarship seeks to assist undergraduate students from any country who have not been able to secure the necessary funding to study at UCL University without the support of the scholarship, and can demonstrate their intent to make full use of the activities provided by UCL and the Student University.

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Scholarship Host

Founded in 1826 in the heart of London, UCL is London’s leading multidisciplinary university college, with more than 13,000 staff and 42,000 students from 150 different countries.  We are a diverse community with the freedom and courage to challenge, explore and think differently.

Through an advanced approach to teaching and research, world-leading academics, curious students and outstanding staff are constantly pursuing excellence, breaking boundaries and influencing real-world problems.

University College London is considered to be the third-largest university environment in the total number of students enrolled in the university.  It was established in 1826. It was among the first institutions in London to give admission to students regardless of their religion, and the first university environment to accept women.

Why study at University College London?

Aside from being dynamic and intellectually challenging, UCL is also a very cosmopolitan and international environment in which to learn.  About 40% of students come from outside the UK, in more than 130 different countries.

International students are welcome due to the different and diverse perspectives they bring to teaching and learning at UCL.  UCL is known as the “Global University of London”, and its degrees are recognized and respected around the world.

Studying at UCL helps students understand the major issues facing the world and qualifies them to contribute to solutions.  This ensures that UCL students are educated in global citizenship and leadership.

University College provides career counseling to all students at all stages of their curricula.  UCL graduates are highly sought after by employers.  Scholarships are available to international students.

What does it cost to study at University College London?

Tuition will vary from program to program and depends on your fee classification.  Some degree programs may involve additional costs that are not covered by tuition.  This could include specialist equipment, artist materials, books or costs associated with performing fieldwork.

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Contact the department you are interested in to find out more about additional costs.

It is difficult to predict average living costs because each student will have different priorities and lifestyle choices.  However, for the sake of a rough idea, there are some estimates below for a bachelor’s degree at UCL halls, a master’s degree at UCL halls and any student renting privately in London.

Denys Holland Scholarship value

The scholarship is worth £ 9,000 per year for three years, subject to sufficient academic progress and researchers may choose to use all or part of the scholarship to cover a fee. Each balance is paid to the researcher as a maintenance reward.

The scholarship can be awarded alongside grants, scholarships, awards or other scholarships, provided that the total annual funding does not exceed the cost of commissions plus a reasonable amount for maintenance in one year (as determined by UCL).

Eligibility Criteria For Denys Holland Scholarship

  Candidates must be:

  • Holding a valid number of UCL students
  • Holding a valid UCAS personal identity card (no UCAS registration number)
  • Existence of an admission offer to UCL for full-time undergraduate studies starting in September, in each department;
  • in economic need;
  • can demonstrate that they have broad interests and intend to be actively involved and contribute to the life of a university;
  • Preferably aged 25 and under when starting school.

Application Instructions

To apply for Denys Holland Scholarship, Applicants must provide the number of UCL students or the UCAS application number for applications to be considered valid.  Full applications and supporting documentation must be submitted by email before 11:59 PM, Friday, July 2, 2021.

It is important to visit the official website (link below) to access the application form and detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

The scholarship is awarded on the basis of financial need, subject to candidates proving their intention to take a full part in the extracurricular activities of UCL and the student university.

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