Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships- 2022/2023

The Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships annually awards an important number of awards to graduate and doctoral students for its study programs in International Affairs, Development Studies, International Economics, Political Science, International Law, and International History.

Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships

The scholarships are awarded according to the academic talent and financial needs of the students.

The purpose of the alumni institute is to encourage students by providing financial assistance to applicants who can prove their financial need, offering a partial or full scholarship that includes cost of living or a reduction in tuition, as the institute’s resources are insufficient to meet the financial needs of all its students.

Very much to turn to external financial support, the financial need is not the criterion for assessing a candidate’s application for admission, the Financial Aid Committee examines the applications of students who have been accepted and maintains these. .

About The Scholarship Host

The Institute for Master’s Degree in International Studies and Development is an institution of research and higher education dedicated to the study of world affairs, with a special emphasis on the horizontal areas of international relations and development issues.

Through their core activities, they strive to promote international cooperation and contribute to the advancement of developing companies.  More broadly, they strive to develop creative thinking about the great challenges of their time, cultivate global responsibility and promote respect for diversity.

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Categories of Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships

  • Full Scholarships in Switzerland: With a few exceptions, the value is 18,000 Swiss francs. Recipients are exempt from the tuition of a graduate institute.  However, they are still required to pay tuition at the University of Geneva.  Some full grants are awarded under special conditions (duration of the study and/or geographical origin of students).
  • Partial scholarships in Switzerland: The value of these grants vary according to the personal needs of the receiving student.  These grants do not cover the tuition that partial grants are required to be paid.
  • Scholarships in Switzerland: These grants cover tuition for one academic year. They are awarded to exceptional students.  Scholarships are awarded for one year, with the possibility of renewal.
  • Employment Options at the Institute: There are a number of paid job options at the Graduate Institute, including teaching assistant positions and general support positions (telephone operators, library assistants, IT assistants, etc.).

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Visiting Fellows: Eligible candidates include postdoctoral fellows, researchers or professors from other universities working in one of the institute’s or fields of specialization;
  2. Junior Critics Fellows: Eligible candidates include a self-sponsored doctoral student with an independent research project or Fulbright candidates;
  3. Senior Fellows in Residence: Senior staff members in international institutions working in one of the Institute’s areas of expertise; can be nominated by their host institution in case of EU and UN;
  4. Applicants must have independent funding; applicants for Swiss Confederate Scholarships applying for a letter of support from the Institute are subject to the application process below.

Required documents for Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships

  • Short motivation letter
  • The tax certificate or the latest tax declaration of the candidate for graduate candidates and doctoral candidates who do not receive such support must document their financial independence, they must submit the tax certificate or the latest tax declaration of his parents and/or spouse. , In addition to his.
  • Official evidence of all income and assets available to the applicant, including family members and other persons, if applicable. These may include bank statements, employment contracts/payslips, insurance benefits, investment certificates, loans, donations and any other sources.
  • The candidate must fill out the online application form by providing contact information to two academic judges on the form by uploading all the necessary supporting documents by email or regular mail.

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Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships Benefits

Scholars will spend one semester at the institute to:

  • Update and strengthen the curriculum of their course;
  • Continuation of a personal research project;
  • Attended teaching courses;
  • Interact with the international community of the Institute and the Geneva region.
  • Scholars receive a contribution to living expenses. The institute will cover travel and visa costs for participants as well as accommodation costs;
  • It will guarantee a monthly allowance in the event of loss of income * at the source institution and coverage of subsistence costs in Geneva; On presentation of a certificate
  • Participants will receive workspace and access to the institute’s library and IT facilities.

The Selection process

Admission is assessed based on academic achievement, recommendations and motivation letter.

There are no minimum requirements for a grade point average for the selection of candidates, but in total only 30% of the candidates are accepted, the candidate for the master’s programs is a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a university that has obtained a university-level certification from the Swiss.

The official working languages or mode of instruction of the Institute are English and French, and students have the right to demonstrate, orally or in writing, in one of these two languages.  To continue their studies

How To Apply

Interested and qualified?  Go to the Geneva Graduate Institute official website below and apply.  Send the following documents in PDF form to [email protected]

  • Brief summary of the research project at the Graduate Institute;
  • Letter of support from the home institution of the candidate (or supervisor);
  • Passport copy.

For the application,

Click here

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