12 Best Online Grant Writing Classes In 2021

12 Best Online Grant Writing Classes In 2021
12 Best Online Grant Writing Classes In 2021

Free online grant writing classes -Although you do not require special degrees, training, or certification to become a professional grant writer, attending online grant writing classes can better prepare you for writing grants that are successfully funded.

Professions such as grant writing will always be in demand due to the (rare) specific skills they need.  However, when the pandemic loomed over our heads, the opportunity to obtain a certificate all moved to the Internet.  Independent certification courses on writing grants under the guidance of virtual teachers are starting to operate here.

Grant writing is an important skill for providing financial support to projects and campaigns of non-profit organizations.  Grant writers have the art of communicating with government agencies, trusts, or foundations that award grants to human rights organizations, nonprofits, and charities.  Online grant writing classes are a great way to learn how to create meaningful and effective grant proposals.  We have compiled a list of the best grant writing courses you can take online.

  What is grant writing?

Grant writing is the practice of completing the process of applying for a financial grant for an institution such as a nonprofit organization, school, corporation, or government department.  Grants help organizations secure funding, so professionally certified and verified authors are very popular.

Writing a scholarship is a difficult process because it requires a wide range of skills to succeed.  A lot of research, planning and document collection is crucial to the process, and none of the major steps can ever be neglected.  This applies even to grant authors who have decades of experience behind them.  Quality grant writing requires patience and dedication, but it is a very useful career choice if done correctly.

Should I become a Grant Writer?

YES, this job pays well: you, as a freelance writer, can start paying about $ 25 an hour and work up to $ 100 an hour, although it depends on the organization you work for. Nonprofits often seek long-term contracts with a reliable grant author.  They can receive a large amount of grants each month, so you can get a good stable income – all while working from home.

Grant writers are in high demand for nonprofits that hope to raise money for operations, capital expenditures, activities, and programs.

This type of work can be incredibly rewarding.  You may be able to work with a nonprofit that influences the world by influencing change locally, regionally, or even globally.  You can work on things that fit your values, and you may have the opportunity to learn more about certain social issues and meet amazing agents of change.

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Can I become a grant writer part-time?

YES. In fact, ome grant authors work independently as freelancers and, if necessary, participate in grant writing projects from various sources.  They can also keep their current full-time job and freelancer to earn extra income.


Best Online Grant Writing Classes In 2021

·         Grant Writing for Beginners – Skillshare

If you are new to grant writing, the introductory course provided by Skillshare is a great place to start.  The course lasts 16 hours and covers the basics of writing grants, including targeting potential funding sources, researching grants awarded in your industry or niche, developing an effective project proposal with a compelling call so you can have the best chance of success.

The course is taught by Teresa Huffber, an experienced grant author who has written grants to her clients for more than $300,000.  In the first module, you will learn the basics of writing grants, followed by industry-related myths.  You will further study grant writing, where you will learn how to focus on potential funding sources and determine the right grant program for your needs.

You will also get an overview of creative marketing strategies that can help you attract more grants, in addition to understanding the different types of offers used in writing grants.  In this module, Teresa Huffer highlights things such as making a sound project justification (both in the proposal itself and on paper) and what constitutes a successful budget request. ”

For the course, you charge $ 99 for annual access and $ 19 for monthly access.  You can view this course on any desktop or through Skillshare apps for Android and iOS.  You can learn more about this GRANT WRITING CLASS HERE.


·         Advanced Grant Proposal Writing – Ed2go

Scholarship authors with experience in this field should also take lessons to gain more advanced knowledge.  Ed2go’s Advanced Grant Writing Course is a great option for grantmakers who want to learn more about how to submit proposals and become experts in the field.

The course is taught by Dr. Beverly Browning, who has been involved in scholarships for over 35 years.  Dr. Browning will teach you the different types of grants and how to determine which ones are right for your organization, proposal strategies, tips for writing effective introductions and conclusions, and other important topics such as funding sources, common funding mistakes, see  in suggestions and ethical considerations.

An instructor-led version of the course will cost you $ 159.  The course will take six to twelve weeks, depending on how many hours you invest in it each week.  You can access this material for three months with a self-subscription.  You can study the course on a Mac, PC, iPad or iPhone, but you need to install Adobe Reader. You can learn more about this Grant Writing Class Here.


·         Federal Grant Writing 101 – Udemy

Udemy’s Federal Grant Letter 101 course is an inexpensive option for people who want to write for government grants.  It should be borne in mind that not all grant writing processes are the same.  This course focuses exclusively on government agencies and covers topics related to them.

This course is taught by Dr. Beverly Browning.  This course is the best choice for people who want to write grant proposals and are interested in government agencies.

The Federal Grant Writing Course 101 covers grant-writing topics for these institutions only, covering a variety of grant styles from 12 sections, including 48 lectures.  This class has one hour and forty-one minutes of coursework, divided into three parts.

The first part is about registering on grants.gov, which will be required for anyone wishing to apply or find information about current opportunities available on this website, as well as other resources.  These updates can be found on the “Ads” tab when you log in.

Then the course will move on to the process of conducting research, writing a statement of necessity, and then filling out all the necessary forms.  In the last part you will learn about submitting a proposal.  The usual price of the course is 44.99 US dollars, but you can lower it at a certain time.  You can access the course for life and download 35 resources along with a grant writing certificate.

The Udemy app is available for download on various platforms, including Android and iOS.  You can study the curriculum and acquire the skills to write grants at your own pace.  You can learn more about this GRANT WRITING CLASS HERE.

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·         Steps to Write A Winning Grant – LearnGrantWriting.org

For people who want to learn a free grant writing course from an expert, 7 steps to writing a winning grant is the right option.  This course is taught by Meredith Noble, who is the CEO and founder of Grant Writing Inc, a bouldering grant company.

She is also the author of the bestseller “How to Write a Grant: Become a Grant by Writing a Unicorn.”  In this course, she shared her best practices and tips on writing grants.  It also guides you through the process of understanding the structure of writing grants through various examples.

This is a free course where you can access seven pre-recorded videos.  Each of these videos explains different topics of writing grants.  You do not have to create an account to access the course.  Below each course is a comment section where you can enter any query related to the course that the teacher will answer.  After completing the free course, you join any other paid courses.

Meredith has an advanced course called “Providing a Letter from Beginning to Funding”.  This course requires a one-time fee of $ 369.  You can also pay this fee in three installments, each of which is $ 129.  This course is mainly designed for intermediate and advanced grant authors.  You can learn more about this GRANT WRITING CLASS HERE.

·         Fundamentals of Grant Writing: University of Georgia

The course offers the basics of writing grants, covering in detail the process of writing a grant and its integrity: from research to presentation and fundraising.  The course contains 12 lessons: from research to networking, writing and presentation.  Past students praised the system for its ease of understanding and helped them build confidence in their grant-writing skills and advance their careers.

The course works on all computers and requires access to Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader. You can learn more about this GRANT WRITING CLASS HERE.






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