HEC Paris/Eiffel MBA Scholarships for Developing Countries- 2022/2023- France

HEC Paris/Eiffel MBA

All applicants for a master’s degree in business administration at HEC Paris will be eligible to apply for HEC Paris/Eiffel MBA Scholarships for Developing Countries. 

A Master of Business Administration degree from HEC Paris can offer its students over € 1,000,000 in assistance each year thanks to the work and contributions of the HEC Foundation.

Students will receive instruction on how to apply for scholarships from your admissions officer after you are accepted into the program. 

Our scholarships are highly competitive and fall into different categories: right-based or based on specific criteria, as in the case of Forte Scholarship

For some scholarships a connection is required.  All scholarship applications have been completed online.  Depending on the type of scholarship, candidates may be required to attend an interview and/or submit an essay.

About the Scholarship

The HEC Paris MBA MBA Scholarships are intended only for applicants who need financial assistance to achieve their goal of joining the HEC Paris MBA program. 

These HEC Paris/Eiffel MBA Scholarships for Developing Countries is a way of attracting quality participants who otherwise would not be able to participate without this support.

About the Scholarship Host

The HEC Paris MBA, one of the highest-ranked MBA programs in the world, provides the ideal environment for students to reach their full potential and become 21st century business leaders. 

Located just 17 km from central Paris, a major economic hub in Europe, the HEC Paris MBA is located in the Paris-Scale Innovation Cluster.

The cluster, designed to unite the best research institutions in France, high-tech businesses, start-ups and universities, allows our students to help in the expertise of other participants and join scientists to bring their technological inventions to market.

The 16-month HEC MBA program in Paris gives students the ideal time to digest new information and build their resumes through internships and special courses without taking them too far from the workforce. 

The size of groups – about 290 students – ensures a personalized learning experience that is preferred by our students and their goals.

Why undertake MBA in HEC Paris MBA?

If you want to know why you should undertake MBA in HEC Paris, the first reason is to acquire innovative knowledge for decision making. The rigorous and thought-provoking curriculum will allow you to hone your analytical skills and struggle with new ideas. 

HEC Paris MBA experienced and talented faculty draws from innovative research and groundbreaking practice to challenge accepted wisdom and develop credible decision-making frameworks.  Your multicultural student body further expands your perspective by providing a wealth of new perspectives.

 HEC Paris MBA strives to increase your ability to decide and influence.  They want you to be personally involved in the program and take an active part in improving the MBA experience.  Student-led initiatives and leadership development activities, such as the MBAT and the Off-Campus Leadership Seminar, create memorable events for you to realize your practical problem-solving skills while motivating and empowering others to succeed collectively.

Career management activities will help you achieve your professional goals and explore new career paths.  The size of your classroom and our organizational ties allow for close ties within the HEC community in general, which influences professional success. 

In addition to the approach attributed to prominent business leaders, they cultivate a sense of belonging necessary for building lifelong relationships with their peers and graduates from a variety of professional and cultural sources.

What is HEC Paris/Eiffel MBA Scholarships Value?

The value of the program varies.  Scholarships worth up to 50 percent of the HEC may be awarded to candidates for a master’s degree in business administration. 

The amount awarded is deducted from the payment of the final tuition for the qualified candidates.  In the case of a double degree, note that the amount awarded will be determined proportionately.

Eligibility criteria for HEC Paris/Eiffel MBA Scholarships

  • All applicants accepted for postgraduate studies at the HEC in Paris are eligible for this program
  • If any candidate is funded by their company or government than they have to pay 50% of the tuition
  • Candidates enroll once for this scholarship as he / she will not be allowed to take part in any scholarship or other funding program
  • If you are eligible for this scholarship you can also apply for another scholarship, including the one listed therein


Selection Criteria for HEC Paris/Eiffel MBA Scholarships

Applicants must complete an application through our online system.  The scholarship jury evaluates the candidate’s application. 

Its final decision is based on academic excellence, the overall strength of the application, the results of the selection interviews and the candidate’s GMAT score.

How do I apply for HEC Paris/Eiffel MBA Scholarships?

You can apply throughout the year to begin your MBA journey in January or September.  Our rolling reception process guarantees you a quick response to your inquiry.  Five weeks after the application deadline, you will know if you are accepted into the program.

Students come to HEC Paris not only to study, but also to share their knowledge and experience in a fast-paced and supportive environment.  If you are ready to prepare for a leading position in the future business, we would like to hear from you.

Applicants must complete an application that includes an essay and submit a detailed description of their financial circumstances as well as a cash flow forecast for their stay at HEC Paris.  Contact the scholarship provider by clicking the button below:

HEC Official Website

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