International MBA Scholarships for Women in Germany- 2022/2023

International MBA scholarships
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International MBA scholarships for women in Germany is open to female students.  The scholarship enables master’s degree programs, a master’s degree in business administration in the field of business administration taught at all universities in Germany.

With the Women’s Business Scholarships Program, HHL wants to support excellent women candidates from all academic and national backgrounds who demonstrate strong motivation and outstanding professional and academic certificates and are willing to be members of operations in HHL’s community.

To help balance less privileged students, business schools and other institutions offer targeted MBA scholarships for women.

These funds help remove the financial barriers that often prevent women from attending business school, and help them develop the leadership, networking and confidence skills necessary for business success.

Scholarships also reduce reliance on loans, helping graduates see a faster return on their investment in education.  And the scholarship recipients join an exclusive network of social women in business, which makes excellent networking online.

Here are some of the best international MBA scholarships for women in Germany, and some tips for securing them.

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Why study MBA in Germany?

Germany as a business education destination offers a wide range of MBA study options and sustainable career prospects.  Professionals interested in fulfilling the role of ambitious executives are considering pursuing a master’s degree in business administration from Germany because of its quality education, lucrative courses and the presence of a strong economy.

Students interested in pursuing higher education in Germany have the advantage of being able to choose from a large pool of programs and schools.

Students can choose from hundreds of MBA courses, offered in the country by all kinds of higher education institutions such as business schools, arts schools, colleges, technical colleges, universities and technology colleges which are funded by individuals or by the state.

A Master of Business Administration degree in Germany is a one- to 1.5-year program available to international students in full-time, part-time, and online education.

There are over 50 colleges and universities offering a master’s degree in business administration in Germany, with about 5 universities ranked among the top 250 in the QS global MBA ranking and about 3 university rankings in the rank of 100 graduate schools in business administration according to FT Times.

What is the cost of MBA in Germany?

Business schools in Germany are becoming a new global destination for MBA aspirants because of the low cost of tuition they offer.  To enter a variety of these leading universities in Germany, not only will you need to have a high academic status in your undergraduate degree, but also need IELTS / TOEFL scores along with GMAT scores.

Not only is Germany one of the cheapest research destinations in Europe, the country also has a perfect international reputation.  Home to highly regarded university multiples in the recent world rankings of QS® University in QS,

Germany offers a growing number of English curricula, especially at the graduate level.  For more information, see our complete guide to studying abroad in Germany.

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Eligibility for International MBA Scholarships for Women in Germany

Candidates from all countries for the full-time HHL MBA program.  With its scholarship for women in business, HHL wants to support excellent women candidates from all academic and national backgrounds who present strong motivation and outstanding professional and academic certificates and are willing to be members of operations in HHL’s group community.

Application requirements

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree with an above-average score and present a GMAT score of at least 650. Successful applicants will receive the first half of the scholarship by the start of the MBA program and will have to maintain a total grade point average of at least 1.6 in their HHL eligibility.

 International MBA Scholarships for Women in Germany

DAAD is an abbreviation of Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, which is translated into the German academic exchange service.  One of the master’s degree programs aimed at developing eligibility for scholarship applications is the MBA program of the University and University of Leipzig.

Combining research and practice, she specializes in developing small and medium-sized organizations.  Graduates with at least two years of professional experience can apply for a scholarship that includes monthly payments of 850 euros per graduate (depending on the academic level);  Payments to cover health insurance, accidents, personal liability, and travel allowance.

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•         IMD Stuart Hamilton Scholarship for Women

Professor Hamilton was Professor of Accounting and Finance at the School of Business Administration at the Institute for Management Development in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Upon his death in 2014, his family initiated this scholarship with the help of adult gifts that provide funding for it.  Valued at CHF 50,000 (US $ 50,470), and is open to civilian women in a developing country with a strong overall application.

Candidates should ponder the case study ‘Hollinger and the Fall of Conrad Black’ and submit a 750-word article on the subject: What do you think were the failures in Hollinger’s corporate governance system?  What personal lessons have you learned from your case analysis?

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•         Nestle Scholarship for Women

Another scholarship offered at IMD is the Nestle Scholarship for Women.  A needs-based scholarship worth CHF 25,000 (US $ 25,235.00), a preference for women from developing countries including African students, but not only.

Applicants must submit a 750-word essay on the topic: “Many argued that greater diversity in top management is good for profits and customers.  What would you recommend as ways to achieve greater diversity?

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•         AAUW International Fellowship

The American University Women’s Association (AAUW) promotes capital and education for women and girls.  The scholarship is open to women who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents, for full-time or post-doctoral studies in the United States.

Priority will be given to people with a proven past in promoting women and girls through civic, community or professional work.  For a bachelor’s/professional degree, the scholarship amount will be US $ 18,000.  Applications for AAUW International Scholarships are open from August 1 to November 15.

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