School of Management International MBA Scholarships – 2022/2023

International MBA Scholarships

Many prominent and promising institutions provide International MBA Scholarships to international students who wish to obtain a master’s degree in business administration. Higher education in business administration provides you with the framework in today’s competitive job industry.

The links listed below will help students grasp all the information they enjoy regarding MBA and funding scholarships.

Given that higher education has now become the second-largest expense for a person in his life, and above that home purchase only, no wonder why so many students are now seeking scholarships and scholarships to help.

Fortunately, research compiled for our profiles below has revealed many scholarships that can help with the cost expense of a master’s degree in business administration. Many business schools offer scholarships to their students and contacting them early is the key to ensuring their success.

Why go for an MBA?

The MBA is one of the most sought after programs in the world. A master’s degree in business administration is mainly preferred by business and fresh professionals who are interested in a business major.

A master’s degree in business administration does not mean that you can only specialize in business management. But it provides expertise in various professional fields such as manufacturing, marketing, operational research, finance, design, etc.

Today a degree in management has become an important part of career growth. Because management education is the most desired in the world, it is the dream course for which different students are planning.

Because some of the ambitions can not meet the financial requirements for this program. Today, many universities and organizations award various scholarships to encourage students who are capable, brilliant and needy to make them a master’s degree in business administration.

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What is the cost of an MBA?

The cost of a master’s degree in business administration may vary, but the average tuition for a two-year MBA program exceeds $ 60,000. If you attend one of the top business schools, you can expect to pay up to $ 100,000 or more in tuition and fees.

Many MBAs offer the same fees for the UK, EU, and international students, such as full-time MBAs offered by the University of Edinburgh and also Imperial College London.

Some institutions offer discounted rates to UK and EU students like the University of Glasgow program which offers a discounted price of £ 16,000 compared to the full tuition of £ 24,000 charged by international students. Cardiff University is offering students in the UK and the EU a reduced rate of £ 14,350 for a full-time MBA course compared to the full £ 20,950 fee charged by international students.

There are additional costs involved in an MBA course and the life of a graduate student. Many MBA tuition fees include a number of textbooks and trips, but you will find that you will want to purchase additional books that may cost between £ 30 and £ 50 per textbook.

There will also be arrangement costs if you attend an out-of-home course. , Which will vary depending on your workplace. Many universities also have some additional course fees or exams along with additional gym memberships, student unions or business associations that can amount to an additional £ 300.

International MBA Scholarships 2022/2023

  • Credit Suisse MBA Fellowship

In order to increase the diversity of its offices, Credit Suisse is offering this scholarship to senior undergraduate students focusing on investment banking, who are women, black Americans / African Americans, Hispanics / Latinos, or of Native American descent.

They must qualify for an internship in the summer, and then they will receive $ 40,000 in the first year. If they successfully complete the internship and the first year of school and agree to continue their studies and get a full-time job at Credit Suisse, they will receive another $ 40,000 in allowance to cover the rest of the education


  • Military MBA Merit Scholarships

U.S. undergraduates who have served in the military are eligible to apply for these opportunities. They must complete an application within the allotted time frame.

Scholarships should be used for graduate business schools that are members of the military MBA. It cannot be combined with other full scholarships.


  • Forte Fellows Program

The Forte Foundation is dedicated to increasing the number of women who apply and enroll in MBA programs. These scholarships are a key component in their strategy to complete this task.

To date, participating schools have donated $ 142 million to more than 6,300 peers, according to the Forte website. The first step in the exam is to contact one of the participating schools.

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  • McGill University MBA Scholarships

This Canadian university provides a list of scholarship opportunities, many of which provide small amounts for study. However, among the list, there are several opportunities to win up to $ 10,000 and the Kelly Family MBA Leadership Award, which is $ 20,000 for students who demonstrate academic right and outstanding leadership. 


  • Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals

If you are interested in pursuing any type of Master’s degree, including a Master’s degree in Business Administration in Sweden, you should consider this opportunity.

Those with “ambition, leadership experience and a strong professional background” can apply, according to the program’s website. This program replaces the previous scholarships of the Swedish Institute.


  • INSEAD MBA Scholarships

INSEAD offers a number of scholarships to different people. Programs include the INSEAD-Syngenta Fellowship for Leadership in a Developing Country, the INSEAD MBA ’75 ‘Nelson Mandela Fellowship, and the INSEAD MBA ’80 Fellowship to Europe.


  • IMD MBA Scholarships

Individual schools often offer their own scholarship opportunities. In many cases, business schools provide some funding based on merit after examining the applications for admission to the candidates.

However, IMD provides a complete list of opportunities beyond its merit scholarships. Programs include Emerging Market Scholarships, the Lausanne Alumni Club Talent Scholarship, the Stuart Hamilton Scholarship for Women and the Nestle Scholarship for Women.


  • Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship

High-achieving students may be eligible for full scholarship support for the 1 + 1 MBA, which covers the Master of Business Administration and Master of Science degrees. This is a unique opportunity for start-up aspirants.

“Recipients are exceptional people who can demonstrate the potential and commitment to finding extensible and sustainable solutions to global-scale social challenges,” according to the scholarship website below:

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  • SDA Bocconi MBA Scholarships

Like many programs, Buconi also offers a number of scholarships, also known as concessions, to students.

The school website has 29 partial opportunities and a total of merit-based funding. Three tuition waivers in total are offered, including one for Europe (excluding Italy), another outside Europe, and one last for Italy.


DAAD is an effort to help leaders in developing countries achieve a more global network and receive sophisticated training in the postgraduate program in Germany.

Students from many countries, including Ukraine, Ghana, Haiti, Venezuela, Yemen, East Timor and Tonga, are eligible.


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