(ISB) Indian School of Business Scholarships – 2022/2023

Indian School of Business Scholarships


The Indian School of Business (ISB) invites applications for a number of Indian School of Business Scholarships.  These scholarships are available for graduate studies in management.

The Indian Business School is a world-class school with a strong emphasis on diversity within the student body; whether it is diversity in educational background, exposure to culture or work experience.

It only creates a more diverse and valuable classroom experience because peer learning is a built-in component of our multi-tiered learning methodology.

Studying in India adds to the business context in emerging markets; relevant to anyone who wants to be a part of the next big wave of growth in the world.

The Indian Business School is one of the most famous MBA Business Schools in India.  While applying to ISB or any other MBA college abroad or in India, students may be concerned about the expenses. Well, in this case, students should be aware of the many scholarships offered by ISB.

Indian business school scholarships are awarded annually to deserving students, depending on financial needs.

The Indian business school is looking for enthusiastic, motivated, and trying people to change the world.  They are of course exploring the academic potential, but they are also exploring personal traits that make candidates stand out from the crowd.

Personal traits can be the ability to deal with stress, innovate and think analytically, creativity, also personal and moral integrity, and important communication skills.

About The Scholarship Host

Although ISB is a little over a decade old, it has shown rapid growth and is compatible with international Business schools.  She was ranked 28th in the Financial Times 2018 World MBA rankings.

The Management Graduate Program (PGP) is a one-year management program that is intensive though shorter in duration than many two-year courses in the U.S.

It is well-suited for professionals seeking a Master of Business (MBA) degree and the accompanying benefits, without being required.  A long break of two years from work For a practical orientation and it is not only based on the classroom.

The curriculum is upgraded every year to maintain high standards. The campus is well equipped with excellent facilities.

The ISB Hyderabad campus is spread over 260 acres.  It begins with preparation and guidance courses that serve the purpose of helping students adapt to student life, culture, campus, and the city.

Then eight terms, each lasting six weeks.  The first four terms focus on core issues while the remaining terms cover the election.

There is an international student exchange program that allows students to taste the international culture.  ISB in partnership with 42 schools scattered around the world facilitates this international exchange program where students from international programs are able to spend time on the ISB campus and ISB students can go to these international partner schools.

This intercultural interaction is mutually beneficial because it provides networking opportunities and provides a diverse perspective on different business situations;  It also helps to develop a better understanding of the economy and the business scenario in other geographical locations.

Why study MBA at the Indian School of Business (ISB)?

The Indian School of Business (ISB) has evolved from the need for a world-class business school in Asia.  The founders, from the best minds from the corporate and academic worlds, anticipated the leadership needs of the emerging Asian economies.

The ISB’s MBA is ranked 24th in the world by the Financial Times and costs around $ 34,000, a small fraction of the cost of some lesser-known MBA programs in the US and Europe.

They recognized that the rapidly changing business landscape would require young leaders who not only understand emerging economies but also present a global perspective.  The ISB is committed to creating such leaders through innovative programs, faculty, and outstanding thought leadership.

Fully funded by private corporations, foundations, and individuals from all over the world who believe in his vision, the ISB is a non-profit organization.

The Indian School of Business not only accepts students from India but is also open to international admission.  School B receives a significantly higher number of international applicants.

After IIM, ISB is the B school that gives students some of the most lucrative offers.  Being such a prestigious institute, the students are placed in the leading organizations in India and the world.

How to apply for Indian School of Business Scholarships

To apply for the ISB-PGPMAX program, applicants are required to apply along with the required documents.  The following documents should be scanned and uploaded along with the application:

  • Color photograph
  • Passport photo
  • Sheet/transcripts for a bachelor’s degree (for all semesters/years)
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate
  • Sheets/transcripts and certificates for further education (if applicable)
  • Proof of income
  • Letter of support to the company (does not apply to self-employed / business owners)
  • Business card
  • Two professional assessments from current/previous supervisors
  • Organization chart


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