Kiel University International Scholarships: Study in Asia, Europe and North America- 2022/2023

Kiel University International Scholarships

Kiel University International Scholarships are open to all academic subjects offered by the partner institutions.  The purpose of the scholarships is to increase international exchanges.

The International Center (IC) at Kiel University promotes and supports universities’ relationships with other institutions around the world.

Kiel University collaborates on a variety of scholarship programs with several partner universities abroad. These programs are published annually for students.

Scholarships are usually available for all subjects offered in the appropriate university environments. Some exceptions can be noted in the scholarship announcement.

The exact terms of the scholarship and the application process will be explained at information sessions in October and November.  All candidates are required to attend one of the two information events.

About The Scholarship Host

Kiel University is an open research university established in 1665. It is known as the first university in Germany to process the Nazi system created by Adolf Hitler.

Also,  the second largest university in the country.  It has been a member of the University of Germany’s Excellence Initiative since 2006. The university is named after Christian Albert who was Bishop of Lubeck.

In addition, the university is known as CAU.  It is related to the Kiel Institute for Global Economics.  It consists of some of the well-known centers known around the world.  It is known that the University of Germany is one of the leading universities in Germany.

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Martin Gropius, a renowned architect has designed and designed many buildings around the university.  The University College logo is in purple and white and says, ‘Peace is best’.

The City University campus is currently under construction and is expected to be completed by 2026. A research building will also be erected for the Department of Engineering.  For the students, lecture theaters, digital classrooms and study rooms will be established.

Furthermore, a university campus will also provide accommodation facilities for its students.  The hostel will include dining areas, Internet access and TVs in the middle of the halls.  University College will make sure the campus is close to cafes, restaurants, medical stores, and many other stores that provide basic supplies required by students.

The city of Kiel is known as the seductive coastal city.  Students spend a great time here.  It is a vibrant and famous city thanks to its nightlife, art and culture.

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Why study at Kiel University?

The university system is really friendly to international students.  Schleswig-Holstein Student Work has nice and affordable dormitories close to the university.

The university itself has a very helpful international student office, and doing things is simple and no less frustrating.  Same goes for the city administration; both the municipality and the immigration office are doing their job fine.

The university also offers free German language courses at all levels, and intensive courses available are special occasions in the summer.  The sports facilities are also quite decent, and not too crowded.

I found that the university faculty itself is good at their jobs and also decent teachers.  Overall, this is not a bad place to be.

Kiel University International Scholarships Partner Institutions


  • Eligible countries: Citizens from Germany and from all over the world
  • Acceptable course or subjects: Any degree in any subject
  • Acceptable Criteria: Candidates have already completed a bachelor’s degree, an avitor grade is replaced by a bachelor’s degree grade. Plaintiffs interested in studying at Kiel University can also apply and receive equal compensation.

How to apply for Kiel University International Scholarships

If you are interested as a student, you are required to accept admission to any of the degrees you have chosen at the university.  After enrollment, plaintiffs can apply to students.

You must provide the general certification, certificates from previous curricula and proof of biological child care, proof of certain accomplishments, awards, prizes, ongoing activities outside of school or activities in other areas such as volunteering in society, proof of special personal or family circumstances or proof for personal background.

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In order to be admitted to a university, applicants must hold their previous diplomas with good academic grades. To participate in this program, applicants must demonstrate proficiency in the English language. The scholarships will be awarded to the Student Education Foundation.


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