Sikyong Professional Scholarship Program in India-2022/2023

Sikyong Professional Scholarship

The Ministry of Education, CTA is pleased to announce the Sikyong Professional Scholarship Program (SPSP) in partnership with the Tibet Foundation, New York.

This scholarship will be awarded to 4 high-achieving Tibetan students from India, Nepal and Bhutan for postgraduate studies in medicine, law and business at the most selective colleges or universities in India.  The scholarship will be awarded by the Tibet Foundation, New York, through the Department of Education, CTA.

Sometimes scholarships are restricted to a particular group of students from a particular country.  This scholarship is for Tibetan students.

Scholarships are always organized and funded by some organization.  This can be a university, institution, laboratory, company or government.  Sikyong’s Professional Scholarship Program is organized by the Central Tibetan Government (CTA).

There are scholarships that are accepted everywhere in the world and some scholarships are specific institutions or universities.  That is, they can be taken at designated institutions or universities only.  Sikyong’s professional scholarship program applies to selected universities and institutions in India.

This article covers everything you need to know about Sikyong’s professional scholarship program.  It is for singles, masters.  Students interested in studying for a bachelor’s, master’s degree program in selected areas can apply for this scholarship.

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It is awarded at selected universities and institutions in India.  The deadline for applying for this scholarship is December 31st.

If you are interested in applying to the Sikyong Professional Scholarships Program, make sure you apply before the deadline.  The Sikyong Professional Scholarship Program is provided by the Central Tibetan Government (CTA).  The amount and benefits of this scholarship may vary depending on multiple facts.

However, this scholarship usually includes full funding, up to 2 liters for UG;  Up to 1 lakh for PG progress; a maintenance allowance of 80,000 rupees.  This is a great opportunity to fund bachelor’s degree studies.  Let’s take a look at Sikyong’s professional scholarship program.

About the Scholarship

The SPSP was an initiative to support high-achieving Tibetan students from India, Nepal and Bhutan who are interested in pursuing professional degrees in the most selective colleges, institutes and universities in India.  Applicants will receive scholarships of up to 300,000 Indian rupees depending on their academic needs.

Scholarships will be awarded by the Tibet Foundation through the Ministry of Education, CTA to selected candidates engaged in degree courses including postgraduate studies, postgraduate certificate, Dental Surgery (BDS), Law (LL. B) or Architecture (B. Arch.)

In each of the top ten colleges in India accredited by NAAC with an “A” rank and above.  Scholarships will also be awarded to students in Grade XII who wish to pursue an MBBB at the entire Institute of Medical Sciences of India (AIIMS) or B.E at the Indian Engineering Institute (I.I.T).

A scholarship will be awarded for one year after the twelfth grade graduation for applicants wishing to continue full-time training at one of the six training centers listed by the Ministry of Education. Such applicants may also be eligible to receive SPSP after securing admission to AIIMS or IIT.

Eligibility criteria and required documents for Sikyong Professional Scholarship

The applicant must be a Tibetan refugee student who has a Green Book (GB) and a valid registration certificate (RC).  The candidate and his/her parents’ contribution must be paid by 2019. Information about RC and GB must be indicated in “Form A” and testified by the concerned Tibetan settlement officer.

  • The candidate must obtain a grade of at least 60% in the first degree. Preference will be given to fresh graduates.  (Upload sheets for bachelor marks)
  • The candidate must receive admission to each of the leading colleges/universities mentioned in the attached list. (Uploading letter of receipt)
  • Resume (resume) (uploading resume) of no more than 2 pages in length.
  • Two letters of reference from lecturers in colleges (according to the attached format).
  • Personal statement (upload personal statement) Length of at least one page.
  • You must have received a list of colleges we have attached.

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Sikyong Professional Scholarship Level and area of study

Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree Program in the following fields:

Category A: Competitive Professional Studies (UG): Medicine, Dental Surgery, Specialists in Medicine, Engineering, Business Administration, Law, Pharmacy, Mass Communication, Architecture, Education, Computer Applications, Arts, Accounting, Development Studies and Multimedia Studies

Category B: Master’s degree: Master’s degree in Science, Master’s degree in Commerce, Master’s degree in Arts, Master’s degree in Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy

How to Apply

The scholarship submission process is very important and in some of them extends a critical step in any scholarship.  If there are errors during the scholarship application, the application may be deleted.

Therefore, it is advisable to remain very careful during the application process.  Before applying, make sure that you apply at the right time.  Always check scholarship dates and apply before dates.  There are scholarships that do not have specific deadlines.

However, we give you a general guide that will help you understand how to apply for a professional scholarship program from Sikyong.  For a specific scholarship application process, you must visit the official scholarship and you can go there by clicking/pressing the ‘Apply’ button below.

So here are the general guidelines for applying for scholarships:

  • First of all, check if the Sikyong professional scholarship program is right for you from the quick facts,
  • Then check if you can apply for this scholarship,
  • Then, check the deadline,
  • If you still have time to apply, click the ‘Apply’ button below to apply for the Sikyong Professional Scholarship Program


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