Top 20 Scholarships in UK for International Students- 2022/2023 [Updated!]

Every student who has done even a little research knows that there are different scholarships in UK.  It is important to find out the appropriate scholarship for which you meet the eligibility criteria and be aware of the application process.

A number of universities in the UK provide scholarship opportunities to international students.  If you are considering a particular institution, you should check the school’s website or contact the department via email to find out if such funding options exist.

Scholarships in UK

This article will quickly guide you through the various scholarships available, and you can check out who you are eligible for.

 Why study in the UK?

Most universities in the UK are ranked in the first century in the global universities rankings according to Times High Education.  These scholarships will cover all expenses for the entire program.

You may choose from more than 12,000 academic and study areas at UK universities.  A British degree can boost your career.  You need to explore the UK as a destination for study abroad. These scholarships are currently open and are being accepted. The UK government is now also giving a year of Post Study Work (PSW).

Opportunity to enroll in a growing number of world-renowned universities in the UK such as the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge and other leading universities in the UK.  No application fees are required for all UK universities.

IELTS / TOEFL Exemption from UK Universities Due to COVID-19.  Are you ready to get scholarships from internationally recognized universities, quality education and explore unique cultural life below are scholarship options in the UK.

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The cost of tuition in the UK

In 2020/21, the annual tuition fee for international undergraduate students in the UK  started at £9,250 (US $12,870) and rose to £30,548 ($42,500), or up to £64,652 ($89,950) for medical degrees.  However, the fees of most universities for most professions fell between £10,000 – £20,000 (US $13,910 – $27,830).

The annual tuition fee for international graduate students starts at £4,800 (US $6,680), and amounts to around £ 36,984 (US $ 51,440), or £ 49,950 ($ 69,470) for medical degrees  And £ 59,490 (US $82,740) for a master’s degree in business administration. But as with a bachelor’s degree fee, most of them fall into a certain range.

Most postgraduate courses at most universities charge between £12,000 – £20,000 (£16,690).  US dollar – $27,820) in 2020/21 and again, we will expand on that in a moment.

Cost of student housing in UK

If you are planning to go to a university in the UK, you will probably choose the living rooms and these usually start from about £ 50 a week and move to about £ 80 a week to larger universities.  Some have catering facilities like a buffet, but others will only have a kitchen so you can cook your own food.

If you choose not to go to the living room hall, you can always go find your own place to live and the best way to do that is to get a group of 6 students that you will want to live with.  You can then go hunting for houses and find your own accommodation.

The advantage of doing this is that firstly it is fun to look for a house together and secondly with 6 people costs are divided into 6 ways so this can be a much cheaper option.  The rent can range from £ 35 per week or more, depending on the accommodation standard.

Top Scholarships in UK for international students

·       SOAS University Of London Postgraduate Placements In UK, 2021-22

Postgraduate positions at SOAS University in London, UK, 2021-22 are open to selected countries.  The scholarship enables a master’s degree program(s) in the field of all subjects studied at SOAS University in London.

The deadline for the scholarship is May 31, 2021. If you wish to accept this application, you will need to be accepted for a master’s degree program at this university.  You can then use this online application form to apply for an international scholarship. 

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·       Chancellor’s And Vice Chancellor’s International Awards, UK 2021-22

The Chancellor’s Awards and the Vice Chancellor’s International, UK 2021-22 are open to international students.  The scholarship enables a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree in design, arts, digital marketing, sports, physiotherapy, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data science, advanced technological gymnastics, studied at Manchester Metropolitan University.

The scholarship deadline is July 13, 2021. Students are required to apply through UCAS and complete their applications.  Students must then complete the funding form and apply for assistance with the program.


·       UK University Of York Undergraduate International Scholarship In History

An International Bachelor of History Scholarship at York University, UK 2021-22 is open to international students.  The scholarship enables a bachelor’s degree program(s) in the field of history studied at York University.

The deadline for the scholarship is September 20, 2021. In order to enroll in the program, applicants must be accepted for undergraduate studies at the university. Students will be automatically considered for this program.


·         Chevening Scholarships

The Chevening Scholarship is offered by the UK Government to international students eligible for the scholarship according to a set of eligibility criteria.  You  had to apply for at least 3 Master’s programs in the UK to apply for the Chevening Scholarship.  This scholarship covers tuition and also includes decent living expenses.

In addition, it funds a round-trip ticket from your home country to the UK.  The application submission cycle opens in August of each year for admission in the following year.  You can access the application here. 

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·       Commonwealth Scholarships

International students from the Commonwealth of Independent States who wish to apply for a Master’s degree in the United Kingdom may consider applying for a Commonwealth Scholarship.  It is funded by the UK Department of International Development or DFID.

It covers tuition, flight tickets from your home country to the UK and back, exam fees and personal allowance.  You can learn more about the rules for your specific country and access the next cycle application here.


·       Rhodes Scholarship from the University of Oxford

This Rhodes Foundation was established in 1902 and is now considered the oldest scholarship at a leading university in the world.  People pursuing postgraduate degrees at Oxford University from certain eligible countries are considered for this award.


·       Global Research Scholarship from the University of Edinburgh

This university provides 30 international students enrolled in a research-based doctoral degree.  Programs with scholarships per year.  Students can be from any field of study.  I

t subsidizes tuition for international students so that it is equal to the amount paid by local students, but does not cover living expenses.

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