25 Great Jobs That Pay $25 Per Hour or More in Canada.

Jobs That Pays Well In Canada

Living an upstanding life in Canada is great, As one would find it convenient to go about his or her daily expenses with a bit of ease. This brings us to the necessity of having a decent paying job in a person’s Career.

Canada is a flourishing country that is expected to offer decent pay in most jobs, be it certified or not. This relates to the demand of Canadian settlers on 25 great jobs that pay $25 per hour or more in Canada.

Of course, no one wants a low pay grade that makes it hard for them to meet up with all their expenses and build up a life for themselves in the future. To this notice, a team of reliable experts compiled a list of 24 great jobs that pay $25 per hour minimum in Canada, and one course depicts, even more, to be earned.

Therefore,  we urge that every reader should go through the article thoroughly and pay good attention to the underlying details as a gold mine lies beyond. As one may ask, ” is $25 per hour truly a possibility pay outcome in Canada?”. Just read and find out.

Is $25 Per Hour A Possibility In Canada?

Yes!, You got that right, it’s a resounding “Yes”. Getting a $25 per hour paying job in Canada is very possible. Canada offers a lot of groundbreaking life opportunities to those who have proven themselves worthy of such opportunities.

A simple step to take is having two years of proper training, and fast-tracking one’s education to acquire such expertise that would place one on the checklist for attaining such decent-paying jobs.

Moreover, everyone wants to live a good life and not earn peanuts by the hour. This is why every individual endeavor to attain a four-year degree certificate to ascertain a spot in the future earners class. Therefore, below in the article will entail 24 great jobs that pay $25 per hour or more in Canada. Please we do recommend a thorough read-through.

24 Great Jobs That Pay $25 Per Hour Or More In Canada.

Below entails several paying jobs that could lead one to that higher standard of living in Canada.

1.   A Transit Customer Service Specialist

Aid and endorse the corporate vision to ensure that the best level of customer service is provided through the formulation of controls and standards that are re-evaluated regularly.

Average earning: $73 per hour

2.   An Electrician

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An Electrician is an individual in charge of assembling and repair of electrical wares in any sector.

Average earning: $35 per hour

3.   A Business Analyst

A business Analyst is an expert who depends on statistical analytics and hypothetical facts to aid any company or institute on the path to successful business growth.

Average earning: $73 per hour

4.   A Market Researcher

Market researcher, just like a business analyst, carries the weight of anticipating the best Point of Sales and creating an outlook of the proper supply and demand chain that should be followed to ensure that there is a successful movement of sales in any institute for a maximum return.

Average earning: $60 per hour

5.   A Mechanic

A mechanical engineer handles the heart of machinery, ensuring the core points are well relating to the engines of machines and their operating system as a whole.

Average earning: $46.38 per hour

6.   A Chef

The growth of any restaurant lies in the delight of the customers, a Chef simply offers the best recipes for meals requested by customers to keep them coming for more over the years. These are individuals whose cooking skills are beyond average and are considered magical.

Average earnings: $46.63 per hour

7.   A Company Driver

Speaking of the likes of Uber,  company drivers earn quite a decent pay based on the number of customers checked in daily. These are individuals who from their cars, registered with a driving company earn their pay by picking up customers daily like taxi drivers and have the opportunity of scaling up their earnings by attaining a decent customer review.

Average earning: $73 per hour.

8.   A Head Of Security Service

A Security Service Manager is a delicate role as all lies in the protection of highly valued individuals and it’s all about this client’s protection. Usually, lives are at stake which warrants more than a satisfying commendation.

Average earning: $75 per hour.

9. A System Operator

A systems operator organizes the affairs of the IT department ensuring any virtual mishaps are well controlled within an enterprise.

Average earning: $82 per hour.

10. A Human Resource Manager

Human resource managers deal directly with the customers. Knowing how to manage their needs and solve certain problems in need of concern within the organization.

Average earnings: $63 per hour.

11. An Accountant

Being an accountant offers one the possibility of working in many fields in the world. Relatively, no institute can have a decent money flow without an accountant who can observe the money flow and keep track.

Average earning: $35 per hour.

12. A Public Relations Officer

A Public relations officer is responsible for handling all aspects of external communication, from developing communications strategies and helping with marketing campaigns to calling up press releases and coaching public figures within the organization.

Average earning: $73 per hour

13. Dental Care Professional

A Dentalcare specialist handles the fixation, surgery, and care of the human teeth. This field demands proper training in medical school. Their pay is a very decent one and it’s a very sought field in the path of medicine.

Average earning: $53 per hour.

14. An Optician

Just like a Dental care profession, an Optician specializes in the proper maintenance of the human eye as well as repairs, surgery e.t.c.

Average earning: $43per hour.

15. A Psychiatric Nurse

A Psychiatric Nurse deals with individuals mentally drained and having issues with their normal reasoning and cognitive balance. Their Job is to manage such people till recovery.

Average earning: $53 per hour.

16. A Dental Hygienist

A Dental hygienist’s job is slightly different from that of a Dental care professional’s job as their job is mainly to provide the necessary remedies for tooth care and products that could guide one unto proper care of their teeth.

Average earning: $26 per hour.

17. A Corrections Officer

These are individuals who handle critical roles in the criminal justice system and put effort into public safety. As a corrections officer, you will likely think of a role in a correctional facility and work with criminal offenders to ensure order and security. You can also play a part in rehabilitation, which pertains to helping offenders make their shift back into society as law-abiding citizens.

Average earnings: $30 per hour.

18. Police Officer

It is right to expect a defense officer to fall on the list, as these individuals put their life on the line to serve the country of Canada. A police officer whose job is to reduce the crime rate in any country is usually offered quite decent pay.

Average earning: $45 per hour.

19. Civil Engineer

A civil engineer who works for the government to erect infrastructures could be one of those who rank the leaderboards. They are an exceptional set of professionals.

Average earnings: $41 per hour.

20. Construction Manager

A Construction Manager is an expert in infrastructural development and organizing the laborers on their posts and duties during building.

Average earning: $40.45 per hour.

21. A Plumber

A plumber is a person who manages the piping system in literally anything flagged as an effective building. They organize the inflow and outflow of water within a building.

Average earning: $26 per hour.

22. A Data Administrator

A Data Administrator organizes the information that comes in and goes out of the company, be it in terms of financial structuring, IT infrastructure, client management, and many others.

Average earning: $37.50 per hour.

23. A Data Analyst

A Data analyst works under the guidance of a Data administrator, he or she collates the necessary data on affairs of the company, structures out problems and the necessary solutions to be taken, and gives a detailed report to the Data Administrator for company use.

Average earning: $27$ per hour.

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24. A Software Engineer

A Software Engineer is specialized in creating applications, web apps, and many software that assist clients and consumers across the globe to be able to access first-hand information, and access goods, and services very fast in the comfort of their homes.

Average earnings: $56 per hour.

25. A Programmer

A programmer is very versed in writing codes and laying out the structure of platforms and many projects demanded by companies and web development institutes. Some programmers can work as freelancers as well.

Average earning: $29 per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jobs that Pays Well in Canada

What Job Pays The Most Per Hour In Canada?

The highest paying job in Canada this present day is the Specialist physician in which their lowest salary earners can earn a minimum of around $90 per hour.

What Job Pays About $100 Per Hour?

It’s no doubt that several doctors earn this much, and an Anesthesiologist earns this much in Canada.

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