Top 18 Weird Canadian Scholarships In 2022 – Highest Paying

Top 18 Weird Canadian Scholarships In 2021 – Highest Paying
Top 18 Weird Canadian Scholarships In 2021 – Highest Paying

Scholarships should not be boring and based on your good grades.  In fact, there are some weird Canadian scholarships out there, and we’ve put them together to help you find the weirdest ways to make money in college.  Do you have blue eyes?  Are you left-handed?  Do you like zombies?  Are you a card master?  Get paid and check out some weird Canadian scholarships below.

These are unusual, unique or different types of scholarships.  In addition, they are somehow fun and amazing.  And sometimes they don’t seem “real.”  This way, you may be tempted to ignore them.  In addition, strange scholarships pay money, just like regular scholarships.  And they don’t really have many candidates.  This makes it easier for you to win.

Can I get a scholarship if I don’t have good grades?

It may seem to you that scholarships are only for outstanding students or students who do well in sports, but this is not true, as there is financial aid for situations in which you never think you are a student.  So here are some of the most amazing weird Canadian scholarships that can help you fund college or university education, and we’ve listed them all here.

These scholarships are weird because they are unusual or different, in some ways other scholarships are awarded.  If you are into art, music or have a certain talent or skill, then these amazing Canadian scholarships are for you.

If you want to create your prom dress from duct tape, advocate for beef or vegetarian, you have a scholarship!  To tell the truth, our favorite scholarships are unusual or even strange scholarships that students can apply for.  In this post, we highlight some of the most popular (sometimes weird!) Scholarships you may want to include in your scholarship search!

  What is education like in Canada?

Education in Canada is an extremely important priority for the government.  The country boasts a public education system that is provided, funded, and managed by federal, provincial, and local governments.  The jurisdiction of the public education system, as well as its curriculum, is controlled by each province.  As a result, one can expect slight differences in the educational systems of each province (type of programs offered, minimum and maximum age requirements, etc.), but the similarities in these systems far outweigh the differences.

Education in Canada is usually divided into four stages: preschool or preschool education;  primary or primary education;  secondary and post-secondary or higher education, including college and university programs and vocational training.

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The vast majority of degree programs in Canada are taught in English.  Therefore, students from non-native English countries will be required to prove their English language proficiency in either TOEFL or IELTS.  However, studying abroad in Canada is also a great way to improve your English.  Practice interacting with locals to improve your skills as well as make new international friends.  Plus, if you plan to stay in Canada after studying, knowledge of English will definitely be a must.

   Why study in Canada?

Canada is recognized worldwide for our outstanding quality of education, from elementary school to high school.  Our teachers are highly trained and bring a variety of perspectives to the classroom.  At the university level, 2 out of 5 scientists have at least 1 international degree.  It is known that Canada, accepting nearly half a million international students, offers high-quality education at an affordable price for studies with degrees that are recognized worldwide.

 What is the cost of studying in Canada?

If you are a Canadian citizen studying in Canada, you can expect to pay an average of 6,000CAD per year for a bachelor’s degree and 7,000CAD per year for graduate study.

According to Canadian statistics, the average tuition fee for foreign students is 29,714 Canadian dollars (22,500 US dollars) per year.  Humanities courses are generally cheaper ($5,542 on average), while subjects such as engineering and medicine are among the most expensive ($21,717 on average) ($16,446) for dentistry and $14,162  for medicine Business and management fees are lower than the national average of $5,170 per year.

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Top 18 Weird Canadian Scholarships In 2022

·         Michael Jackson Scholarship

Michael Jackson’s Estate is offering a Michael Jackson Fellowship through a partnership with UNCF.  This financial aid is intended to help students enrolled in academic programs in the social sciences and arts of communication at UNCF.  In addition, the scholarship will be awarded based on the financial needs of the applicants, as confirmed by their institutions.  The application will include a complete application profile, essays and transcripts.

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·         Writers of the Future Scholarship

The Writers of the Future Scholarship is funded by L. Ron Hubbard.  This scholarship provides an opportunity to evaluate the works of new science fiction writers by professionals in this field and identify them with a larger audience.  The application of the scholarship does not require any payment.  Scholarship winners receive $ 1,000, $ 750 and $ 500, respectively.

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·         Davidson Fellows Scholarship

The Davidson Fellows Scholarship is designed to encourage and recognize the great achievements of very talented young people.  These young people, under the age of 18, developed their talents by making a notable work in any mathematics, science, technology, music, literature and philosophy.  The Davidson Fellows is one of the most Weird Canadian Scholarships.

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·         Collegiate inventors scholarship

The Collegiate Inventors Scholarship is a national competition that recognizes and encourages innovation and research by students and faculty advisors.  Research and innovation can be evident in science, engineering, mathematics and technology (STEM).

The total amount of the Collegiate Inventors scholarship is $ 25,000.  Recipients at the bachelor’s level will receive $ 10,000, while graduates will receive $ 15,000.  Teams must include at least one member who meets this requirement, and all other members must be enrolled at least part-time at some point during the 12-month period prior to accession.

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·         Students for organ donation youth award

The Student Youth Leadership for Organ Donation Award is offered to full-time high school students or students.  Recipients who have planned should commit to raising awareness about organ donation and transplantation.  Winners will be selected based on efficiency, leadership, creativity and sustainability.  The cost of the scholarship ranges from $ 500 to $ 1,000.

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·         National beef ambassadors scholarship

This scholarship is for the winners of the federal public speaking competition.  To be declared the winner, participants will be required to deliver a speech on food or beef production, answer questions from judges, and be interviewed by a panel of judges.

The winners will receive $ 1,000 and join the National Beef Ambassadors Team.  This will provide them with a platform to speak at several conferences.  The National Beef Ambassadors Program is one of Canada’s most amazing fellowships.

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·         Society of Vacuum Coaters Foundation (SVC) Scholarship

The SVC Scholarship is intended to provide financial support to students entering or currently studying in a discipline related to vacuum coating technology at a recognized higher education institution.  In addition, the SVC scholarship can be renewed simply by meeting the criteria.

The scholarship will cover tuition fees, books and supplies, and other fees.  In the same way, the scholarship winners will have the opportunity to travel and participate in important conferences.

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·         Willy the Plumber Scholarship

The Willie Plumbing Fellowship is offered to senior students from Utah whose parents are currently in prison or have a history of imprisonment.

The scholarship is funded by Carl Vinceness, who spent several years in prison.  As a result, he realized what problems children whose parents are in prison, in the outside world, may face.  This led to a Willie Plumbing Fellowship.  In the same vein, this financial reward will help those students whose dreams of a degree may have perished as a result of their parents’ imprisonment.

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·         Milk Marketing Scholarship

The Milk Marketing Scholarship is designed to support sophomores and undergraduates who wish to pursue a career in the milk / dairy market.  In addition, career areas include dairy and agricultural marketing, dairy development, dairy control or testing, dairy and nutrition, and food science.

The financial award is jointly funded by the Midwest Dairy Association and Dairy Management Inc. Winners will receive $ 1,500, based on leadership, experience, academic ability and interest in dairy marketing or dairy products.

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·         Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Scholarship

This weird Canadian scholarships is available to students who wish to pursue a career as a science fiction, science fiction or poetry writer. These students may be born as women, transgender, hermaphrodites, or intersex people living in public as women.

The scholarship is funded by the Horror Writers Association (HWA). This is one of Canada’s most amazing scholarships. Applicants must be high school students or students pursuing or obtaining a degree in journalism, library science, media (radio / television), English / literature / writing, film / film or theater / drama. Scholarship winners will receive a cash prize of $ 2,500.

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·         J. D. Salinger Award

The J. D. Salinger Prize is an award for creative writing offered to students who are outstanding creators.  The award is sponsored by Ursinus College (J. D. Salinger’s Alma Mater).  Candidates can apply by submitting a portfolio of up to 10 (double-spaced) pages of creative work in fiction, poetry or a combination of genres.  They must be enrolled in Ursinus College before the application deadline.

The winners of this weird Canadian scholarships will be selected by a panel of past winners, finalists and teachers.  The winner will receive a scholarship of $ 40,000, which can be renewed for four years.  In addition, the winner will have the opportunity to occupy the same room in which JD Salinger lived the first year of study.  The winner will also be given guidance in the Ursinus writing community.

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·         Holography internship

Holographic internships are available to students who wish to pursue a career in holography.  These students will be taught by industry experts in science and technology, art, design, exhibition building, marketing and public relations.

In addition, interns will have the opportunity to work in laser laboratories to create and copy holograms.  Interns will also assist with guided tours, lectures, exhibits, sculptures and / or computer art, and cinematography.

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