Which Unskilled Jobs Are In Demand In Canada?

Which Unskilled Jobs Are In Demand In Canada

It is no question about the eagerness of individuals to acquire a white-collar or even still, a blue-collar job in Canada. It’s all about expertise for most enterprises. Who is most versed, skilled, or learned in the field?

This arouses caution as this brings about a high level of competition for skilled labor in the labor market, leaving many jobless. Whereas lies Unskilled jobs, in which vacancy is on the high side in Canada.

The problem lies in the idea that Unskilled jobs are not a reliable route to earning a living in the long term in Canada. It’s not a question of whether unskilled jobs can put food on the table but rather “Which unskilled jobs are in demand in Canada”.

After all, statistical analytics on the supply and demand chain would answer this question. Where there is demand, there must be supply. Canada offers a wide range of Unskilled jobs in which one can earn a living, it just boils down to “which”.

This article has been narrowed down into detail, all there is to know about these unskilled jobs and how well they pay on a time basis. Therefore, the article must be gone through diligently to have a more open-minded approach towards the opportunities that exist out there in a vast country like Canada.

What Are Unskilled Jobs?

It’s quite hilarious that at the end of it all, no enterprise can do without an unskilled laborer. Unskilled jobs are jobs given to workers who don’t have any form of special training or education to perform on the job. It’s a job that demands a very limited skill set. A degree isn’t even mandatory to perform in such jobs.

Furthermore, Individuals who boast of having a certified degree this present day end up going into unskilled labor due to a suffering economy. It is of course important that individuals engaged in unskilled labor are not written off as working such a job doesn’t necessarily mean such a person is unlearned.

It could just be a result of not meeting up to the ranking leaderboards of the competition that exists in the skilled labor workforce. A certificate does not usually certify a job in the world we live in. To this notice is why one has to be aware of the opportunities that lie with taking on unskilled jobs.

Let’s go further into how much exactly one can earn taking such a path in his or her quest for financial freedom.

How Much Do Unskilled Jobs Pay In Canada?

Usually, such information is a bit uncertain due to how employers tend to take advantage of the laborers by offering a lower than usual pay to the laborers thereby rendering laborers to a lower wage income.

Therefore, the speculation is usually on an annual scale. This is around an average of $(25,000-75000) per year. Unskilled jobs are really good as they grant the opportunity to still make a living during hard times.

But it sure demands the diligent individual, as such jobs compared to skilled jobs are quite tedious  Talking about unskilled jobs, let’s take a look at a few that are in demand in Canada.

Which Unskilled Jobs Are In Demand In Canada

Below is a list of unskilled jobs in-demand in Canada ;

  • A Farm Worker
  • A Fishmonger
  • A Factory Worker
  • An Industrial Butcher
  • A Farm Supervisor
  • A Fish Plant Worker
  • A Construction Worker
  • A Janitor

1.   A Farm Worker: $(27,300-46,400) Per Year

Roles & Responsibilities

These are individuals whose income is obtained from seasoned agriculture, they earn an average income as they function specifically by moving from one harvest point to the next over the year to ensure proper cultivation and harvesting of crops. They live around the farm areas to monitor the farm crops or come in early to ensure farm produce is at its healthiest.

2.   A Fishmonger: $(29,250-44,850) Per Year

Roles & Responsibilities

A Fishmonger is responsible for preparing and selling of fishes, and shellfish products on the open market. They possess outstanding customer service skills and have a deep understanding of the fish and shellfish enterprise, species designation, preparation methods, and detailed product awareness.

Fishmongers know about a vast range of fishes and shellfishes, and the various strategies needed in processing and producing their products.

In addition, they will be able to cut, prepare, package and present fish and shellfish products at their best. Food safety and quality in production are of extreme importance to a fishmonger. Fishmongers perform a lot of duties including raw materials intake, food management, and developing fileting and other knife skills.

They are also responsible for exhibiting their products in the most pleasing way possible to entice customers into purchasing their products.

3.   A Factory Worker: $(35,000-60,000) Per Year

Roles & Responsibilities

A Factory worker deals with the processing, and organizing of products based on the desired quantity and specifications. They handle the packaging of manufactured goods ensuring the labels are in place. Every form of defects must have been thoroughly checked to avoid low quality products going into the market by the distribution units within the factory.

One very important ability that is demanded of a factory worker is his or her ability to manage time effectively. This Is necessary in order to produce the most amount of products in a short period of time.

4.   An Industrial Butcher: $(38,100-48,000) Per Year

Roles & Responsibilities

These are individuals who produce meat for the public through different processes. They are responsible for tenderizing, deboning,  tying, grinding,  trimming and handling of meat. They work with beef, pork,  poultry and seafood companies. They are involved in certain meat production like sausages, meatballs e.t.c.

This job requires a keen eye for the work, lots of strength, a high level of concentration and good handling of cutleries to avoid sustaining any injuries during work. They ensure to preserve the meats accordingly to ensure they are healthy for consumption.

5.   A Farm Supervisor: $(35,900-49,286) Per Year

Roles & Responsibilities

The Farm Supervisor plays the role of organizing the farm workers, monitoring the day-to-day roles of every worker, and creating strategies around ensuring all the farm daily checklists are met to the absolute. They are like the Compass that directs all affairs and then takes the report on progress and financial hurdles to the superiors.

They also coordinate with administrators and research project leaders on work strategies and programs and make suggestions for improvements, land preparation, fertilizing, planting crops, cultivation, and harvesting of experimental feed plots.

6.   A Fish Plant Worker: $(25,350-29,900) Per Year

Roles & Responsibilities

They set up the machinery for cleaning, cutting, dehydrating,  smoking and processing of fish or seafood. They also deal with the packaging of seafood products for distribution to the trade market. They check all the packaged goods for any defects that should be fixed up before the distribution units commence their operation.

They ensure proper documentation on the rate of production, the quantity of products, date and time of production as well as distribution, type of seafood produced e.t.c.

7.   A Construction Worker: $(35,000-65,000) Per Year

Roles & Responsibilities

A Construction worker is one who works in the infrastructural development areas. This job is really tough as it requires very able hands with a lot of strength and endurance.

They assist in the proper functioning and flow of the site machinery, load up the piles of sand and aid in the movement of the molded blocks from the site of production to the bricklayer.

Construction workers are also involved in demolishing old structures for the erection of new ones. They make sure to understand the topography of the land area they are working on in order to be conscious of any possible accidents likely to occur in their workspace.

They assist tradesmen and machine operators in construction projects, they also erect and bring down scaffolding, and ramps with awareness to safety. They usually unload and carry materials, and use construction equipment to break old structures for erecting new ones.

Explosives are involved in the demolishing of structures as instructed. They also prepare and apply construction materials like Cement, gravel. e.t.c to build structures.

They smoothen and level newly layered concrete and then clean out the site of work from debris and discarded materials.

8.   A Janitor: $(25,000-45000) Per Year

Roles & Responsibilities

A Janitor is an individual that works as a cleaner in companies, industries,  factories and many more. Janitors are not limited to a specific place of work as they can freely choose the kind of environment they would like to offer their service.

This job is usually very safe and one of the most competitive unskilled jobs on the list. This job is very free from accidents and is a less risky one.

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A decent summary of a Janitor’s responsibilities includes cleaning a building and keeping it maintained in perfect condition. This can include mopping, vacuuming, sanitizing restrooms, taking out the trash, washing and cleaning windows and louvers in the building.

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